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Q: How do I get started?

A: You can apply and set up an interview with me by clicking the link HERE. This interview allows me to understand your fitness goals while ensuring that you are a good fit for my program. This also allows you to ask any questions about my program! 


While you wait for our chat, I highly recommend downloading the Fit In Twenty app for a free week of workouts in the meantime!

Q: Do you provide us with a specific meal plan?

A: I provide you with a variety of tools and resources from recipes to a nutrition guide, so you have the knowledge and confidence to develop eating habits based on your individual goals. We spend a significant amount of time discussing ingredients, macros, gut health, and more, so you are knowledgable about what you are putting into your body.

Q: What equipment do I need for your workouts?

A: For my app, you need a lightweight (3-8 pounds) and heavyweight (12-20 pounds) set of dumbbells. Several of the women that I train never set foot in a gym! I also encourage a resistance band. If you don't have resistance bands, you can find mine HERE

Q: What happens after the 6 Week Online Coaching Program?

A: After the 6 Week Online Coaching Program, you will have the opportunity to sign up for Continued Coaching. This is a great way to continue to work toward your fitness goals while creating new ones! It also provides you with a new community of women to help hold you accountable and motivate you. 

Q: How much does coaching cost?

A: During our FREE 30 min call (mentioned above), we will discuss pricing options and plans if we both find it's a good fit for the both of us.

Q: What is your shipping and return policy? 

A: For information regarding our shipping and returning policy, please visit our "Shipping & Returns" page located under the "Contact" section of this site.

Q: Do you still have a question?!
A: Please head on over to my contact page and find out how to get in touch! I can't wait to chat with you!


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